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Harties Loop 42km - Deets

Prepare for a memorable trail run journey on the 26th of August, with the 42km Harties Loop Trail Run. With a start time of 5h30, a generous 12-hour cut-off, and -+ 2200m Vert, this race offers both challenge and flexibility. Your adventure begins at the charming Van Gaalen Cheese Farm, immersing you in a unique blend of nature and endurance.

Van Gaalen Trails - Harties Trail Experience

Immediately after setting off from Van Gaalen, you'll be challenged to climb the iconic Vulture Pass. Upon reaching the summit, your path will lead you east through the stunning Vergenoeg trails, leading onto a ridgeline that offers a demanding yet rewarding technical run.

Harties Trail Experience

The path then descends towards Magalies Park, where you'll cross under the R512 bridge before starting the ascent of Tower Hill. After a short 1-2 km traverse east, you'll start the climb of Kosmos Hill, a tough but rewarding section offering the best panoramic views of Hartbeespoort Dam.

Following a thrilling descent off Kosmos Hill, you'll have the distinct experience of running directly across the dam wall. As you ascend into Uitkyk trails, prepare yourself for the final ascent - the back of Iron Throne and the Cable Way. This last stretch will take you further east before you make your victorious descent to the finish line at Villa Paradiso.

Kosmos Hill Harties Trails
Kosmos Hill

The 42km Harties Loop Trail Run is a unique trail running experience that blends challenge with the captivating beauty of nature. Whether you're a seasoned runner or someone looking to push your boundaries, this event offers an unrivalled trail running experience.


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